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Ruben has almost a decade of experience recruiting within the technology field. Throughout his career, he has developed lasting relationships and friendships with customers, who value the honest, refreshing and high-quality service he brings. 

Ruben is always up for an adventure, trying new things, and regularly learning new skills and hobbies. His interests are Golf, Sim Racing, and DIY, where he is willing to take on any task. From putting up the numerous family photos around the house, to playing an instrumental part in a complete loft conversion, there’s nothing he won’t take on!

Ruben is father to 2 children, who are the centre of everything, along with his wife and family. They are the driving force behind Ruben, pushing him to learn, develop, and strive for his goals. Spending time with them making memories is the highest priority.

He doesn’t take himself too seriously though. Often known as a bit of a clown, attempting to get laughs through witty one-liners, with what he would say is a high success rate.

The passion for recruitment comes from working with people. From helping format a CV to showcase someone’s talent, to influencing their ongoing career. And getting to know businesses and their leaders, understanding their ambitions, to finding great people to support their business goals.  

What’s not to enjoy about helping people and businesses flourish!

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